The Library

A stunning collection

The Wormsley library houses one of the finest private collections in the country. Sir Paul Getty's expertise and enthusiasm has created a collection of great importance and beauty, unparalleled in recent times.

The theme of the library is the Art of the Book, as expressed through printing, illustration, illumination, calligraphy and, in particular, bookbinding.

Works date from a 7th Century fragment which lays claim to be the earliest English manuscript through to flamboyant and elegant 20th Century bindings.

Highlights of the collection are almost too numerous to mention, but include rich and vivid medieval illuminated manuscripts dating from the 12th - 15th centuries; the first edition of Caxton's printing of The Canterbury Tales; Anne Boleyn's Psalter and the first folio of Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories and Tragedies.

The Wormsley library can be built into your corporate or charity day by special arrangement with the family. We will be happy to discuss with you the arrangements and cost for opening this unique and special area of the family's home.

For all enquires specifically related to the Wormsley library, please contact